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Discover Insignia Mobile

Ever wondered if the world wasn't so plastic after all?
Discover Insignia brings to you India's first Privilege card available on a Mobile Platform.
The Discover Insignia Mobile is already available for your Apple iPhone, iPod & iPad and soon to be launched for the Android and Blackberry platforms. Using GPS or Wi Fi the software will automatically find offers and deals around you or in your vicinity. Thousands of establishments already on the list & more are adding up every day.

  • Discover Insignia Mobile Application

    Launch the
    Discover Insignia

  • Search Location/Offer

    Search by
    location or offer.

  • Select Best Offer

    Select the offer
    that best suits you.

  • Discover Insignia Black and White Logo

    Flash your smart card
    on Mobile to
    avail the discounts.

What's in it for you

  1. A free to download application; thousands of offers now on the go without having to carry your plastic card.
  2. Convenience of searching for the establishments, real time, every time.
  3. Forgetful? Carry your benefits with you, no matter where you go.